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Who We Are

Guido with Current Finance Minister Giulio Tremonti and Party Leader Umberto Bossi

Guido George Lombardi, a former executive director of the International Council for Economic Development, is a respected consultant in the U.S. and in Italy, with over 20 years of “hands on”experience in restructuring and reviving small and medium-size businesses.

His first book, "Liberta’ e Progresso Economico" (Freedom and Economic Progress) was well received by Italian academics and political leaders. As a future policy researcher with a global perspective, he maintains a dialogue with academic, business and government professionals. He resides in Palm Beach, Florida. Guido Lombardi is also a member of the Planning Forum, the Institute for Global Ethics, and a professional member of the World Future Society.

A great admirer of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Mr. Lombardi has studied Tibetan Buddhism for two decades and met the Dalai Lama in several occasions, seeking a modern interpretation of the meaning of the Two Truths.

With Former New York Mayor, Rudi Giuliani

Guido George Lombardi with Supreme Court Judge A. Scala in Washington DC

Guido George Lombardi with Tom Ridge in Washington DC discussing politics during a formal dinner break.

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